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Tenant Eviction - the best decision we have made in our Landlord time

"We have been landlords for over 10 years. We have had trouble with a few tenants before and one particular troublesome professional tenant .We joined PIMs and can say it has been the best decision we have made in our Landlord time. The forms are easy to use and follow. For us, especially, with one phone call the help and reassurance is priceless. Our only regret was that we didn’t use PIMs earlier"
Marion and Jim Graham

Landlord Letting Agent Dispute

Just a short note to thank you for the advice I recently received from you. We wrote a letter to the estate agents, as advised, and had a letter from them within two days expressing a great degree of willingness to give us the client deposit without any quibbles
Thank you again
Indira Singh

New Lettings Agency

"First of all I would like to say a very big thank you for making my first adventure of setting up my own Property Management Company a lot easier than I had expected! Your site is very informative and easy to use with masses of excellent information. Thank you."
Lynda Christie

LHA Non Payment

"My tenants were a nightmare and had not paid rent for 4 months. With the Help of PIMS, I was able to secure payment Direct from the Council and they have now been evicted. Many Thanks."
Mrs Chang
"Easy to use, reliable support and a quality service."
David Morris

At my Wits End - Tenant From Hell

"At my wits end with my current tenant ( problems with noise, nuisance to neighbours, environmental health issues, damage to and lack of maintenance to my property to name but a few!) I frantically surfed the net for some guidance.
Luckily, for me I came across your website and decided to give you a ring. I paid my £59.95 for a 1 year membership (well worth the money!!) and from that moment on you guided me through the minefield of dealing with my "tenant from hell".
Nothing has been too much trouble; I will not be taking any action in future without consulting your website or Help Line!
Lynne Zianne

Associate Lecturer
Bradford University Law School

“Like most landlords I have had a few problem tenants and found I needed help with the eviction process with one really difficult tenant. I have found PIMS to be very useful in terms of resources and have especially benefited from the helpline as I was able to go through the court forms.”
Nadia Shehzad
Associate Lecturer
Bradford University Law School

The Letting Agency

"Fantastic website with invaluable knowledge! We have never struggled finding what we need and there is always someone to speak to."
Kevin Smith

The Professional Landlord

"The thing that makes PIMS stand out from other landlord advice websites for me - is not only the knowledge but the grasp and understanding of the reality of the issues facing landlords and the resultant practical application of that knowledge"
Nicola Belfield

Best money I have ever invested!

Thank you so much for your most efficient service, I am so content knowing you are there ...Best money I have ever invested
Nadia Shehzad

Recommended a Friend (or two)

I think the service you provide is fantastic and I have been telling all my landlord friends about you. Hopefully they will all become members.

Once again many thanks
Kind Regards

Sara Sullivan

Packed with everything required to provide a full and knowledgable service

I have, in the last two months, come back into the industry having sold my share in my last business in 2007. I have opened a small office in a little town in west Wales where there are no other agents. My initial and shocked impression is how much the industry has changed in that time. My main area of expertise, since the mid 80's, is in sales but the huge demand for letting/renting has left me no option but to offer this as the prime service, especially as you can now barely give a house away.

So I am relieved and chuffed that I found your site.. packed with everything required to provide a full and knowledgable service in a technical area.

Well done and I trust i'll be a regular customer in what could be a lonely place.
David Fox

My tenants would not pay the rent

Recently my tenants would not pay the rent and as a result I discovered that the £59.95 I paid for Subscribing to Pims was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The information and standard documentation held on Pims’ website as well as the practical advice given from the Help Line proved to be invaluable. Subscribing could save you a small fortune in legal fees as the site gives you step by step instructions of what is required of Landlords to stay within the law and what to do if a tenancy goes wrong.
A W Chadwick

The Portfolio Landlord

I have been renting out properties since 2004 and I have had my share of bad tenants, PIMS.co.uk has shown me how to deal with them in a firm but fair and legal way.

I wouldn’t dream of taking a tenant to court or issuing a reminder letter for any sort of tenancy without following the advice from PIMS.co.uk . The alternative would be to use an expensive solicitor or Landlord Eviction service. I couldn’t afford that as the cost of just one claim can wipe out two years profit on a property.
So I use pims.co.uk every time from the tenancy agreement all the way to getting a guarantor to cough up when a tenant defaults. If you follow the strategy set out on the website and if necessary call the helpline, you can get vital insider knowledge that can put right the things that can go wrong at any stage. I will repeat again I could not function without pims.co.uk and I think I have a fair bit of experience. I’ve tried them all before pims.co.uk and no one will look after your business better than you will and with pims.co.uk at your side you just can’t lose.
Kind Regards

Gary Dully

In my opinion, it is a no brainer, sign up for this service as you will save yourself many sleepless nights and very likely a fortune.

I have been running a letting agency for just under six years and have been a landlord for ten or so, I've discovered that very few letting agents or landlords work within the law and many are treading a fine line avoiding serious trouble or even prosecution. This is not due to any real dishonesty but that there are so many intricate details that really only someone who specialises in Landlord and tenant law would be up to date on.
I have been using the Pims site and have avoided serious errors and been able to put several mistakes right solely due to the help from the Pims site.

Trying to do a good job, look after tenants and landlords simply is not enough, there are so many laws and pitfalls to being a landlord or letting agent that it would be foolhardy not to use this excellent service, the cost is negligible compared to the thousands that you are likely to save if any thing ever goes wrong.
Before I started using this site, I was really nervous about what to do about problem tenants/problem landlords and the legal process of evicting a tenant.
With the help of this site, I have successfully had a problem tenant evicted, and avoided numerous other problems such as a tenant changing locks and then abandoning a property. I have been able to deal with these effectively and without solicitors, I've kept my landlords and gained more of their and their friends properties.
I would think any agent or landlord is foolhardy to think that they can go it alone, this is the most cost effective and comprehensive aid for landlords out there, and believe me I have looked at a lot.
In my opinion, it is a no brainer, sign up for this service as you will save yourself many sleepless nights and very likely a fortune.

Best Regards

Geraldine Murphy
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Tenant Eviction - I have saved nearly 10,000 pounds and saved me from lot of stress

"absolutely great experience. I have saved nearly 10,000 pounds and saved me from lot of stress because of pims help. i am very proud to be part of pims family. i recommend everyone to join, it is worth it. subscription charge is peanut comparing to their services. their professional services are # ONE."

Letting Agent Dispute with Ambulance Chaser

This is a service I would recommend to every landlord and agent, with the ever increasing housing laws and ambulance chasing claims companies, I would say this is a must to keep you ahead of the game. The value far outweighs the cost.Thanks

Carl Hall

Practical advise to help one to decide

"Always happy to help giving guidance of the law and practical advise to help one to decide. I have no hesitation in recommending Pims to any landlord who are burdened with legislation continually changing."
Chatan Patel

understood by executive and junior staff alike

"Brilliant up to date information in a format that is easily understood by executive and junior staff alike.
Probably the best we have found available."

professional and helpful

"Highly professional and helpful. A most useful ongoing update of the overall letting market scenario. Thank you".
Peter Cocks

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Our Members range from the first time Landlord through to National Agencies, Solicitors and Barristers. We always provide a reliable and quality service. Instant Access Join today

Little Property Bible

"Great and helpfull service, its like having a little property bible on your tablet or mobile. I would not be without PIMS. Good honest and sound help."
Mr Harley Welch

The Professional Landlord

"It's a five star service, unsurpassed in the quality of content. If you're a responsible landlord there's little to match it for administration services and above all, sound advice."
Mr Geoffrey and Mylin Day

I honestly wouldn't be without PIMS!

"PIMS offer an excellent service for any landlord wishing to let property out themselves. They guide you through all the forms and legal advice you will need and offer a prompt, helpful telephone service should you have any queries.
As someone who doesn't trust letting agents, I honestly wouldn't be without PIMS!"

Ms Webb

Website also very good and easy to negotiate.

Pims always gives me the answers to my questions and a little bit more. No other source of information e.g. free legal helplines, adds that extra perspective of experience (and decency!) that I get when I telephone with a very specific query. Website also very good and easy to negotiate.

Mrs Marion Dew

they are always there to help if I needed to speak to someone

Excellent service! The website has a lot of useful information and they are always there to help if I needed to speak to someone. Highly recommended.
Mrs Malgorzata Galoch

My tenants would not pay the rent

Excellent service has a purchase member of PIM'S. I will continue to stay with PIM'S for on going support in the future.
Mrs Patricia Staines

PIMS Help member win Supreme court of Appeal

First class service, certainly opened my eyes to whats going on.

Very good value for money. I have recommended you to several friends.

No landlord worth his salt should be without."

Roger Spencer

PIMS Note - Case Law Taylor Vs Spencer

I would recommend the PIMS website to any landlord or letting agent.

PIMS provides the best possible service to landlords and letting agents. Always able to give excellent advice and support. The website is easy to navigate and full of helpful information, documents and news that you need from the start to the end of any tenancy. Richard has excellent understanding of rental business and always gives supportive, informative and genuine advice. Not to mention a great value for money. I would recommend the PIMS website to any landlord or letting agent.

Miss Lucie Nedvedova

Invaluable updates on current issues surrounding landlords and tenants keep me on top of the game and saves me money!

Mr Keiron Gray

Pims are marvellous ! Could not think of operating as a landlord without them

Pembrokeshire Cottage Conversions Ltd

always prompt, informative help and service. very worthwhile joining.
elizabeth brighton


Mrs patricia nixon

“Always get good concise advice and the information on website has always been sufficient for my needs